Our Projects

As a leader in telecommunication services in the Chicago Metro area, Urbancom.net provides a range of network solutions for government infrastructures, municipal facilities, educational institutions, and residential and enterprise customers. Over the years, Urbancom.net has been engaged in the engineering and implementation of large-scale community projects such as municipal video surveillance, telecommunication tower construction, fiber backbone network design, and more. Carrier grade microwave technology allows Urbancom.net to provide reliable and cost-effective network solutions to the Chicago communities.

Recently, Urbancom.net has been tapped as the head-end operator of the Chicago Southland Fiber Network, a not-for-profit network funded by the Jobs First grant from the State of Illinois consisting of more than 60 miles of high-speed fiber optic backbone infrastructure along the I-57 corridor. This public-private partnership is dedicated to providing integral high-speed reliable network access to the south suburban communities in order to encourage economic development in the region.

Learn more about some of Urbancom.net’s past and ongoing projects through the links above. These projects highlight a few of the unique and diverse projects successfully completed by the Urbancom.net team of engineers and technicians.