About Our Company

Urban Communications, Inc. is a locally owned, privately held corporation which has been providing broadband internet services to Chicago’s southern, southwestern, and western suburbs since 1997.

Urbancom.net currently maintains and operates its own equipment on almost two dozen transmission sites. We cover a substantial portion of Cook County, Will County, DuPage County, Kane County and Winnebago counties in Illinois, delivering fixed microwave wireless internet access to businesses, governmental agencies, school districts, public colleges, home based offices, and residential customers. Our business customers range from small one person companies to multi-national fortune 100 companies. Our customers do have one thing in common – they all desire the very best service and reliability. We also design, build and manage private microwave networks for government and educational institutions throughout other areas of Illinois and across the country.  We provide continuously monitored premium bandwidth connected to Tier 1 providers, not the oversubscribed Tier 3 connections sold by others

Urbancom.net operates the Chicago Southland Fiber Network.  This true public private partnership between Urbancom.net, CSFN, and the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association and Cook County with construction funded by the State of Illinois Build Illinois Jobs Program, Cook County and Urbancom.net provides a state of the art ultra-high speed fiber optic backbone in the Chicago South Suburbs.  The investment by the parties of over $19 million allows Urbancom.net to operate a Tier III+ data center for colocation of servers and operate the fiber optic network which provides redundant dual homes connections to the main backbone of the Internet.

As a service provider on the iFiber network we can provide services ranging from 100Mbps to 10 Gbps or even 100 Gbps to Community Anchor Institutions, (CAI’S) as well as commercial, enterprises and telecommunications carriers.

In addition to traditional internet connectivity, Urbancom.net provides our customers with a robust compliment of additional IP related services including VoIP, telecommunications and Polycom video conferencing. Our hosted solutions include data center services, co-location, managed servers, web hosting, disaster recovery, business continuity, hosted Cisco VoIP and hosted Exchange Server.  Urbancom.net’s government services division also provides custom solutions for government agencies including secure high speed private microwave networks used for data, voice and video surveillance.  Our video surveillance projects allow first responders to cost effectively provides protection of crucial public infrastructure and protect the community by viewing real time video from key areas in the community.

Throughout all our endeavors Urbancom.net strives to provide the best customer service and reliability possible.

As a complete solutions provider, we provide our customers with cost-effective IT solutions.

Call us at 708-687-2090 or e-mail sales@urbancom.net and let us empower your business with the access you need.

Reliability and Performance Guaranteed

True Redundancy from Local Exhange, Cable, and Fiber Carriers

Urbancom.net’s primary network is 100% diverse from the local exchange carrier’s public switched network in order to provide customer redundancy in the event of a Central Office disaster or subterranean fiber or cable cut. Your Data and Voice service stay up even if the major phone carriers experience an extensive area wide outage.
Our wireless network can deliver Internet connectivity to your building with no common point of potential failure with wired, cable or fiber providers.
Enterprise customers can choose to have Urbancom.net provide multiple redundant connections including an over the air microwave solution combined with a Wired Metro-E or fiber connection. We are the only fixed wireless internet and voice provider in the Chicago Metro area to offer multiple path and alternate technology redundancy to our enterprise or government customers.
Urbancom.net has connectivity agreements with multiple Tier 1 carriers at diverse locations on our network.
Urbancom.net’s redundant data centers are located in Oak Brook, Illinois, Oak Forest, Illinois and Naperville, Illinois and Chicago, Illinois.
We designed the backbone of our network with a topology that creates several self-healing rings along with a fiber optic bridge to provide additional redundancy and speeds. Our Gigabit speed fiber backbone which links the North-West end of our network to the South-East end is schedule to be upgraded to 10 Gigabit capacity in 2012. In 2023 we started upgrading our backbone to 100 Gbps switching technology. That network interconnects to the Illinois Century Network operated by the State of Illinois to interconnect our educational and governmental customers to the state wide ICN network.
The Urbancom.net backbone consists of fully redundant licensed DragonWave links and redundant Cisco routing and switching hardware. Our topology is self-healing. If a link were to fail traffic is re-routed to keep our customers up and running.

Best In Class Reliability

Our network was designed and supports municipal customers and businesses which require 100% uptime of their networks for life safety and critical operations.
We know your network and voice connections are important to the operation of your business that’s why we provide best in class customer support, located right here in the Chicago Metro Area, not out-sourced like others.
Urbancom.net’s network is monitored 24/7, 365 and maintained by certified Engineers. Our staff holds certifications from all the hardware manufacturers whose technology we deploy.
Urbancom.net’s point-to-point microwave backbone and distribution services are designed and deployed by engineers and technicians that are fully certified, in-house employees not outsourced, to a third party like others do. If there is an issue it can be diagnosed and repaired in a much more prompt manner than the large telco’s and cable providers who may take days to address your problem.

Performance Guaranteed

Urbancom.net’s uptime and latency SLA’s are the best in the Chicago Metro area for any wireless broadband provider. We provide the following guarantees:
99.99% annual network uptime for our business enterprise customers
Packet loss on the Urbancom.net network of < .1%
Network latency of < 40ms avg.
We always provide QoS (Quality or Service) for voice and video conferencing on our network to provide crystal clear VoIP calls to our customers using our VoIP services.