Village of Buffalo Grove – Communication Tower and Gigabit Microwave Network Upgrade

Plagued with a wireless wide area network that was slow and used aging equipment that has not been manufactured for many years the Village of Buffalo Grove turned to Urbancom to do a Village wide analysis and come up with a plan to modernize their infrastructure.

Urbancom devised a plan to provide state of the art 1 Gbps/ 1 Gbps licensed microwave radios between their government public safety locations. In order to support this technology it was necessary to erect two new 100 foot communications towers at two of the Village’s fire station locations. Urbancom provided a turnkey solution for the village including all environmental filings and FAA and FCC certifications. Construction on the network commenced in the late spring of 2020.

The network will allow first responders at the Village Hall, and all fire house locations to be on a state of the art private network with gigabit connectivity between all locations. This increased connectivity will allow the Village to save costs by implementing VoIP phone solutions. The high speed capacity will also allow for better security and assist the Village in implementing more robust disaster recovery solutions. Other Village assets such as pump house locations, golf course and Metra are being connected with links capable of 500 Mbps to allow for better video surveillance feeds to monitor critical Village facilities.

Additionally, the Village’s mobile command vehicle, Mobilecom, will be able to connect to the network from remote locations throughout the Village. This will allow on site commanders access to high speed connectivity during an disaster or other incident where the command vehicle is mobilized into action.

If you have any question as to how you may accomplish this for your community for better internal communications and potential as well as access to the internet please call 708-687-2090