IP Video Surveillance Solutions

Urbancom.net is your complete turn-key solutions provider for all wide area IP video surveillance projects.  We design both the high speed microwave networks that transport the video from IP cameras which is instantly displayed at a 911 center as well as the complete camera and Video Storage Systems (VMS).

Our platform of choice is the Milestone Systems IP video surveillance software and Axis Communications cameras. This allows us to provide the most robust solutions in IP Video Cameras and IP Video storage as well as real time Video Analytics.

Our engineers are skilled architects who design, deploy, and manage a state-of-the-art IP Video system to provide a more secure environment in your community. A key tool in fighting crime and protecting citizens is a robust video surveillance network.

As a Milestone partner Urbancom.net engineers hold the highest partner training certification offered by Milestone Systems.  Our engineers are Advanced and Expert Certified.  Milestone Expert Certification is aimed at helping partners successfully manage large projects and those that involve the more advanced functionality of XProtect® video management software (VMS).  These certification programs which require regular training allow our engineers to keep current on cutting edge technologies and bring peace of mind to our customers that our staff is knowledgeable in this rapidly changing technology.

The combination of Axis advanced network cameras and Milestone systems software allows us to provide:

  • A future-proof platform, allowing easy expansion and change as needed
  • High quality images for detection and positive identification
  • Easy of operation by staff
  • A wide range of outdoor-ready products for challenging weather conditions

Reduce Cost Using Existing Infrastructure

Since Milestone software products and Axis cameras are based on TCP/IP network protocol, a metro-wide network can be built using standard Ethernet networks, reducing maintenance costs and workload.

Search And Retrieve Images Faster

Milestone X-Protect family of products make digital search and retrieval functions much faster than analog of hard drive based systems. Additionally, you can also capture live video from IP cameras and IP video encoders, perform basic video processing, facilitate remote access for live viewing throughout the community, and allow remote access on smart phones and tablets of the entire video network. Furthermore this network solution also allows you to search and export evidence material to DVD for court prosecution and integrate sophisticated analytics for License Plate Recognition.

License Plate Recognition

Our network solution allows for advanced application of license plate recognition. Information can be detected at any entry point to a facility and read from a digital video stream. This information is then stored in a database along with the video. With this information, the system can recognize license plates and take actions such as opening a gate or sending an email.