Coverage Area

Areas in blue represent areas where coverage is 1 Mbps to 2 Gbps

Areas in red represent areas where coverage is 50 Mbps to greater than 2 Gbps

BUSINESS CLASS DATA provides high speed business class Internet throughout the Chicago Metro area within: Cook County, Will County, Kankakee County, DuPage County, Winnebago County, and Lake County, Illinois, and portions of Lake County, Indiana. can also provide wired T1, T3 and fiber connections thoroughout the United States and worldwide through our partnership with Level 3 Communications. GTT, Windstream, and other Tier 1 providers. Our connection to the iFiber network allow us to provide business connectivity via fiber throughout northern Illinois.

Within the City of Chicago, specializes in business Internet connections delivered via T1 or bonded T1 or connections in excess of 100 Mbps delivered via fiber or licensed fixed microwave.


FIXED POINT TO POINT MICROWAVE (WIRELESS FIBER EXTENSION) can provide point-to-point licensed microwave service (local loops) anywhere in the United States allowing an extension of a local network or to bring connectivity from a carrier POP where fiber is not cost effective.


VOICE SERVICES provides voice phone service (VoIP) throughout the entire Chicago Metro area, as well as nationwide, through connections that ride our network rather than the public internet. can provide voice origination at rate centers in most towns in the United States. Please call us to see if we can provide a local phone number to meet your needs. Additionally, we can provide connected VoIP to your remote offices worldwide, to reduce the cost of long distance toll calling.


SMALL BUSINESS & RESIDENTIAL SERVICE provides high speed small business and residential internet and phone services to the following communities.

*Contact our certified specialists at 708-687-2090 to see if your building is accessible to our high speed microwave/wireless network.*

Call us at 708-687-2090 or 866-99-ON NET

Contact us to order high speed broadband internet for your business, home office, or residence in any of the following areas. offers telephone, voice, video conferencing, and VoIP services to businesses throughout our covered regions. can provide gigabit speed connections between the Internet and your business, and between point-to-point business locations.

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