Small Office/Residential Broadband Internet uses 5G WiMax & other Fixed Wireless Microwave technologies to provide stable and cost-efficient residential broadband internet. can install a Wireless T1 from your home or business to our Point of Presence and provide speeds from 1 Mbps, saving you the cost of a wired connection. Our services allow you to bypass the phone company as well as DSL providers, giving you a faster installation time and more stability. provides a turnkey broadband solutions for customers. All connections are monitored and maintained 24/7 with carrier class technology using SNMP.

Our solutions are attractive for customers that who currently use slow DSL providers, expensive metered wireless connections or asymmetrical satellite delivered services

Small Office/Residential Pricing Chart

  • Bandwidth
  • Residential speeds available up to 3 Mbps/1Mbps **
  • Residential speeds available up to 6 Mbps/1Mbps **
  • Home Based Office
  • Monthly Charge*
  • $69.95
  • $89.99
  • Call for custom pricing

* The price of the install varies on equipment necessary and the number of users at the customer’s (subscriber’s) location. Actual prices will be quoted on an individual basis. Compare your favorite wireless service level to the competitors’ Business-class symmetric DSL pricing.

** Speeds will vary depending on equipment used, distance to tower and line of sight to tower.