Urbancom.Net Turns up First 10 Gbps Fiber Optic Connection to Commercial Users on the Csfn Network

Urbancom.net the network operator of the CSFN Fiber optic network executes long term agreement to provide 10 Gbps ultra-high speed fiber optic data connection to the Lanco Group of Companies.

Urbancom.net the network operator of the CSFN executes long term agreement to provide 10 Gbps ultra-high speed fiber optic data connection to the Lanco Group of Companies.

Urbancom.net will be providing a ultra-high speed 10 Gbps fiber optic connection to connect multiple facilities of the Lanco Group of Companies on the CSFN network. The Lanco World Headquarters in Homewood IL, the MiJack Products Headquarters in Hazel Crest IL and the companies disaster recovery data center in Oak Brook IL will be interconnected on this fiber connection providing a dedicated 10 Gbps private network to the company. Construction on the link has been completed and the customer is expected to be operational on the new network by August 15, 2016.

The 10 Gbps connection one of the highest speed available to commercial users puts Lanco and MiJack at the forefront of ultra-high speed connectivity.

The 10 Gbps connection is capable of transmitting 10,000 Mbps this would allow an entire DVD movie can be transferred in about 3 seconds. Currently, Google Fiber in the pilot markets where it is deployed can only offer customers 1 Gbps service. The CSFN network is offering commercial speeds which are 10 times faster that Google Fiber and 1000 times faster than the average US home internet connection. This rates the CSFN network as one of the most robust fiber networks in the country.

About CSFN: South Suburban Mayors & Managers Association (SSMMA), Cook County, and Urbancom.net are partnered to provide high-speed fiber optic infrastructure to the Chicago-Southland communities. With vast economy potential in logistics, transportation and green manufacturing, high-speed fiber optics enables communities to thrive in the global economy. The network connected with multiple multi-homed 10 Gbps feeds provides the Chicago South Suburbs with a ultra-high speed backbone to the largest internet connection point in the country located in Chicago IL at 350 E Cermak, and redundant fiber connections to other major Internet points of presence.

About Lanco & MiJack: Mi-Jack® Products is the manufacturer of special component machinery and solutions for the Industrial and Intermodal industries worldwide. Mi-Jack®, with machines on six of seven continents, is globally recognized for their productive machines, innovative solutions and unsurpassed service. Mi-Jack® is a part of the Lanco Group of Companies. Each of the companies within the Lanco Group has a strong local presence, yet can quickly leverage the global resources of Lanco. As of 2013, the Lanco Group of Companies now has a newly constructed World Headquarters located in Homewood, IL, just a short drive from Mi-Jack® Products main office in Hazel Crest, IL.

About Urbancom.net: Urbancom.net is a locally owned, privately group of companies which has been providing broadband internet services to Chicago’s southern, southwestern, and western suburbs since 1997.

Urbancom.net currently maintains and operates its own equipment on almost two dozen transmission sites. We cover a substantial portion of Cook County, Will County, DuPage County, Kane County and Winnebago counties in Illinois, delivering fixed microwave wireless internet access to businesses, governmental agencies, school districts, public colleges, home based offices, and residential customers. Our business customers range from small one person companies to multi-national fortune 100 companies. Our customers do have one thing in common – they all desire the very best service and reliability. We also design, build and manage private microwave networks for government and educational institutions throughout other areas of Illinois and across the country. We provide continuously monitored premium bandwidth connected to Tier 1 providers, not the oversubscribed Tier 3 connections sold by others

Urbancom.net also operates the newly constructed Chicago Southland Fiber Network. This true public private partnership between Urbancom.net, CSFN, and the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association with construction funded by the State of Illinois Build Illinois Jobs Program, Cook County and Urbancom.net provides a state of the art ultra-high speed fiber optic backbone in the Chicago South Suburbs. The investment by the parties of over $19 million allows Urbancom.net to operate a Tier III+ data center for colocation of servers and operate the fiber optic network which provides redundant dual homes connections to the main backbone of the Internet.